Back to Back

All of our motorcycle tours run back-to-back and discounts are on offer
for any second and third tour you decide to join.

Back-to-back tours are ideal for international travelers and/or local riders looking
for a discounted and more extensive touring experience over the weekend.

Get a motorcycle
tour discount
Offers valid until: 07/12/2020

> Book 2 motorcycle tours over the weekend (for example Saturday and Sunday) and get 20% OFF on the second tour.

> Book 3 motorcycle tours over the weekend (for example Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and get
20% OFF on the second tour and 30% OFF on the third tour.

> On top of that receive an additional AU$50 discount if you book your back-to-back tour in advance (10 days or more) prior to the start of your first ride.


If you wish to do a back-to-back motorcycle tour and you're not sure which tours to choose please contact us.
Our friendly team is here to assist you. Otherwise book your adventure tour with us now.

And have a Great Weekend!

Terms & Conditions

Back to Back Tours
(valid for 12 months)

  • Back-to-Back motorcycle tours purchased as a Gift Voucher or for yourself are valid for 12 months. You have the option to partake in the tours over a 12 month period, meaning there is no obligation to ride them consecutively.

  • We want all riders and passengers to enjoy and get the most out of each and every tour whilst still benefiting from the discounts mentioned above.

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