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A tiny bit about Us

Vroom-Vroom-Vroom..., hear that? That's the sound of a four cylinder motorbike engine beautifully tuned to roar and upset the neighbourhood outside our modest Sydney Garage. The excitement from turning the bike ON is great & wild but the road we are taking this bike today is even more exciting because who knows what we will find. Okay, enough rambling, let me introduce us!

We are Weekend Rider (Sydney Motorcycle Tours), set-up by 5 devoted motorcyclists who will do just about anything to escape routine life, get on a bike and explore the open road on the weekends. Weekend Rider exists thanks to its camaraderie and our reminiscent mindset of the 70's and 80's way of life - 'out and about at all times.'

With our motorcycle tours we aspire to bring back some of the enjoyment and the freedom of riding motorcycles and you can experience it by choosing a tour and the motorcycle you want to ride, and we will take care of EVERYTHING else. We aim to make it memorable - for you to enjoy every minute of the day riding exciting roads, exploring amazing places - so no wasting time on finding them on your own.

We are also pleased to say that we are the leading day tour organizer on Australia's East Coast; whichever tour you choose to participate we will do our utterly best so you can experience this truly remarkable land with plenty of riding, heaps of sightseeing and loads of fun for an entire day.





As well as running our standard weekend motorcycle tours we also work with the following:


  • Custom Made Motorcycle Tours
    If there is something specific you're after and can't find it in any of the tours we offer, please let us know. We will be happy to modify our existing tours or customize a unique adventure for you.


  • Events / Weddings
    Planning your big day or perhaps have an event coming up which requires some motorcycles?
    If it's a YES tell us about it. We'd love the opportunity to work with you on your special occasion.


  • Advertisement / Movies (Short Films)
    Our motorcycles and tour guides are available for a variety of advertisement campaigns, movies and photo shoots. Let us assist you with your project.

If any of the above interests you, your group and/or organisation please get in touch and let's discuss your requirements. We will be pleased to make it happen.

Now that you have an understanding of what we do and how we do it, please check our website,
book your spot and get ready for a rewarding experience on two-wheels in Australia. In the meantime we will be right here tuning and getting the bikes ready for you!

See Ya On The Road !
Weekend Rider Team

WEEKEND RIDER - Harley Davidson Sporters


Hotel / House pick-up & drop off.
We get you where you are.

Handpicked cafes & restaurants
to entice your riding experience.

Great day on Great bikes.
Immaculate motorcycles available
perfectly set-up & ready for you!

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